Saturday, August 11, 2012

Potty Training. Part II

Oh Potty Training. I TOTALLY get why I was putting you off! I pretty much will never complain again about diapers.

That being said, we are 3 days in, yet to have success and have no plans to go back.  Er what?

Since Thursday morning when the over night diaper came off and the first on many, many little girl Panties came on Madison has been doing terrific with Potty Training. She loves the Big Girl Panties and can pull them up and down like shes been doing it for Months. She climbs up and that Potty and will Sit and Sit and Sit and Sit ( etc, etc, etc.) She knows what shes waiting for, but nothing is happening. We've talked about what we are looking for, and once it starts to happen, she takes off for that toilet. BUT, no matter how much I know, and she knows that she has to potty, and no matter how long we wait... its just not happening. It will happen 2 minutes after we sat for 45 minutes, but its not happening on the potty.

That being said, I don't want to go back. She gets sad when Diapers go back on, and asks to take them off right away. Another complication is that tomorrow is Sunday, and we are generally the type that doesn't miss unless we have some shareable disease. So we are debating Stay at home and PT, or risk driving 25 miles on a loaded water gun?

So were debating, reserching and just trying to decide what the best what to handel this is. Got any tips?

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